welcome to the hashverse

hashverse studio

The HashVerse Studio is a team of passionate people who decided to leave a mark on the world of Web3 with their own take on what the MetaVerse could look like.

Our first collection, the HashPass, will serve as the founder passes of the HashVerse and grant priviledged access to all our upcoming releases.

the mission

We aim to shake the world of Web3 with innovative ideas and an original view about the place of our holders and players: more holder-centric in a mostly dehumanized industry.

We want to put them first and will build around them so that they can truly express themselves and have the fun, tears and joy that we all deserve when playing.

our vision

The Metaverse should be a place of authenticity, and Crypto Gaming should always be fun, engaging and rewarding.

We regard uniqueness, effort, and dedication highly. We will do our best to embody and reward these values.

We also want our members to be and feel safe inside the HashVerse and the whole Web3 world.

This is the foundation of the HashVerse.

your role

We are looking for Game Masters! People that enjoy playing and designing games with real impacts.

Our Game Masters will have a strong influence in the design, development and proceedings of our games to be.


our team

executive team

Prof. seldon

Professor Seldon is one of the co-founders.

It all started with a few ideas between friends which slowly morphed into a vision for what could be a whole constellation of web3 applications.

Leading the way towards this vision, Seldon convinced the best minds to join him on this project.

He is also a Web3 dev, a Data-Scientist and one of the game designers.


D0rn1ck is one of the co-founders.

After a few years being a QA consultant for a big firm, he fully embraced the crypto side of the force in 2018.

RTS and Auto-Chess player, he is mostly involved with the developments specifications and testing.


Gr0thendieck is one of the co-founders.

As you might have noticed from his name, he is passionate about mathematics. He joined the crypto world following Seldon and Dornick.

He has a strong experience in Software Engineering and DevOps. He is responsible for the development and is also involved in the general design of our projects. Apart from that he loves cats and video games.

Robin "balladur sama" ferretti

Robin Ferretti, AKA Balladur Sama, is the Marketing Lead of the team.

After working for 6 years in strategy consulting firms and award winning agencies, he dedicated his craft to the gaming, esports and web3 industries.

If you are looking for him he is either speaking to everybody about how we are building the future of the web, one block at a time, or grinding the Master ladder on TFT.

Go check him out on LinkedIn!

We are blessed with more team members

Their descriptions are available here.



Xeon x



the Archivists

our esports team

We decided to hire 4 pro players to participate in the design of our games.

They will fight under the HashTeam banner in online tournaments.

Read more about it here.

our players


Leaf was an Overwatch pro gamer between 2016 and 2020.

He decided to stop his Overwatch career and start his journey as a multigaming pro player in 2021.

With success: winning GPC 2021 together with Shuh and being part of the runner-up team of ZLAN 2021, the biggest European multigaming competitions.

We are delighted to be able to call him our Team Captain!


Shuh was an Overwatch pro gamer between 2018 and 2021.

He followed Leaf's new passion for MultiGaming in 2021, and they won the GPC 2021 together - the second biggest European multigaming event of the year.


FrezzFire started his gaming career in 2021 and instantly made a name for himself with a well deserved 1/8th in ZLAN 2021 and 2nd place in GPC 2021.

He impressed everyone there including Leaf and Shuh during these two tournaments, and that's quite naturally that we asked him to join our team!


SkillNight has already proven himself many times as a pro-gamer between 2016 and 2020 when he won many Minors and one Major with very prestigious teams.

He'll remain anonymous for now but rest assured that he's not here to play some secondary role.