our games

With the help of our community, we refined 3 games playable on any discord server... and we have other games in the making, stay tuned!

If you want a demonstration, feel free to contact us on discord.


We added our personnal touch to the famous word guessing game, with 5 modifiers for players to choose from each round and keep things interesting.

Host big weekly tournament for your community so they can have fun while honing their English vocabulary.


Adapted from the traditional Rock Paper Scissor game.

3 different ways to play the 2 variations


Watch as the story unfolds… you may find yourself in a kill or be killed situation.

Interact with 5 different types of events with their variations.


Find all the words you can assemble with a given set of letters.

Great to generate alot of user messages in your discord server to boost your engagement metrics.

Peepo Xperiements

Alliances, Betrayals… You’ll have to outsmart your peers to outlast them.

Everyone have to go through consecutive rounds until there is only one player left.

You have an idea ?

You have an idea for a discord game?

Let us know!.