executive team

Prof. seldon

Professor Seldon is one of the co-founders.

It all started with a few ideas between friends which slowly morphed into a vision for what could be a whole constellation of web3 applications.

Leading the way towards this vision, Seldon convinced the best minds to join him on this project.

He is also a Web3 dev, a Data-Scientist and one of the game designers.


D0rn1ck is one of the co-founders.

After a few years being a QA consultant for a big firm, he fully embraced the crypto side of the force in 2018.

RTS and Auto-Chess player, he is mostly involved with the developments specifications and testing.


Gr0thendieck is one of the co-founders.

As you might have noticed from his name, he is passionate about mathematics. He joined the crypto world following Seldon and Dornick.

He has a strong experience in Software Engineering and DevOps. He is responsible for the development and is also involved in the general design of our projects. Apart from that he loves cats and video games.

Robin "balladur sama" ferretti

Robin Ferretti, AKA Balladur Sama, is the Marketing Lead of the team.

After working for 6 years in strategy consulting firms and award winning agencies, he dedicated his craft to the gaming, esports and web3 industries.

If you are looking for him he is either speaking to everybody about how we are building the future of the web, one block at a time, or grinding the Master ladder on TFT.

Go check him out on LinkedIn!

full team


She is our talented artist.

Inspired by the punk and cyber-punk vibes, we were delighted to have her join our odyssey.


Bento is our frontend wizard!

After several years working for various companies as a frontend engineer, his will for more freedom pushed him to the HashVerse Studio.

He implements the UIs of our projects and is learning Web3 technologies on the side to get into full-stack dApps development.

Xeon x

Xeon X is one of the co-founders.

He his mainly driven by his love for creativity, story telling and game design.

Lacking the Web3 technical skills, he was only able to accumulate ideas in a corner - things finally turned real when he met Prof. Seldon.

Do not ask him to write a smart contract, he is better at crafting treasure hunts.


Spix is a Data-Scientist that mainly worked on our discord bots.

He loves games but his true passions are psychology and astrophysics.


Bididu worked in data-science for more than 10 years.

He is passionate about OG MMOs like Travian of OGame and he has been working on HashWars for years as a side passion.

He can't wait to see his dream come to life in the HashVerse.

the Archivists

We consider them as a real team member.

Their hivemind will be responsible for many successes of the HashVerse